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    We are the leading manufacturer of ETHYLENE OXIDE STERILIZER in India , Our Company Ambica Boiler & Fabricator sterilizer which is been widely used in Medical Device, health care Facilities
plastics and Disposables products, culture goods and currency etc. We also could manufacture
matched Preconditioning system, aeration room and professionally ethylene oxide residual gas
treatment system.
    Our Technical team is working in Sterilization fields more than 10 years, we have installed machine in India and abroad and our products have been exported to many countries.
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         We also can manufacture special Size Sterilizer according to your real demands and requirements beyond the following specification
1} Working Principle
Ethylene Oxide is a Broad –Spectrum bactericidal agent and can be used to kill various kinds of micro-organism including bacterial Vegetative form, spore, virus, and fungal spore. It is generally agreed that Ethylene Oxide kills the micro-organism because it produces a non –special alkylation with the protein, DNA, RNA.


2} Advantage
         ETO Sterilization is a Chemical process consisting of four primary variables, GAS concentration, Humidity, Temperature and time. In comparison to other sterilization.
ETO sterilization is reliability and gentleness ,high permeable, board-spectrum bactericide which can kill all known viruses, bacteria ,and fungi.annihilation even the most Sterilization –resistant types of micro-organism, bacterial spores.


3} Main Structure
         Ethylene Oxide System is consisting of sterilizing chamber, vacuum system, heating circulation system. Humidification system, gasifying system, door and seal system. Residual gas treatment system etc.


4} Primary Parameter of Technical
Sterilizing temperature: 20 – 60 degree C (empty chamber<+_ 3degree C, Full chamber<10Degree C)
Sterilizing Pressure:-8K Pa - + 8K Pa Precision: 1 Grade, resolution: 0.1KPa
Sterilizing Humidity: 30% RH-85% RH
Humidification: Arbitrarily
Sterilization concentration: 250mg/L, 1200 mg/L
Sterilizing time: 30 min -12 hours
Max power :< 65KW, Electrical Heating
Max Lead rate :< 0.1KPa/MIN
Power Source: 3 phase, 4 wire, 440 V _+10%, 50Hz
Working temperature: 5-40Degree C, Humidity :< 80%RH

6} Applied Range
1.      Medical Device:
Injector , infusion equipment, surgical gloves, various catheter, oxygen breathing apparatus, suture, operation kits, anesthetic facilities ,medical dressing , endoscope, cardiac pacemaker, dental device, heart-lung machine etc.
2.      Health Care Article
Women sanitary Towel, Napkin, Disposable Chopsticks, Disposable Dishware
3.      Medical Material and cosmetic
medicinal plant, capsule, western medicines and partial cosmetic articles etc.
4.      Culture Goods and Currency
Bibliographic files, books, and paintings, cultural relic, currency and bacterium.Clothing, leather, pelage, and fur, spices, chemical fiber, Tercentenary. . . .