Reaction Vessel

Lab Size Z Type Vacuum Sigma Kneader

Our factory is the top manufacturer of kneader in India for over 10 years, our Sigma kneaders are widely in domestic Indian market as well as aboard. Our double - blade kneader is available with variety of blades in different shapes as well as with number of discharging methods and mixing conditions. This double-blade kneader has already achieved considerable renown in a wide range of industries that deal with high and medium viscosity materials .

Industries we supplied:

  • Silicone Compound/Rubber
  • Mould Rubber
  • Sealant
  • Hot melt adhesive
  • Ink
  • Pigment
  • CMC/Cellulose
  • Plasticine/Silly Putty
  • Chewing Gum
  • Electrode Paste
  • Carbon
  • Pencil leads
  • Pharmaceutical

Variety of options:

1. Discharging Method
Tilting discharging
Screw extruding discharging with mesh straining
Ball valve/bottom plate ( manual, electrical, pneumatic)

2. Heating
Electrical heating
Steam heating
Oil heating

3. lid sealing
Manual screw

Water-loop vacuum pump
Rotary Vane Pump

5. Cooling
Blade water cooling
Mixing vessel jacket water cooling

Plsease send e-mails for detaild parameters and drawings!