Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender

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reaction vessel manufacturer in ahmedabad

Abster Equipment is manufacturing an extensive range of Ribbon Blender, which is used for different industrial mixer purpose. These are available in various models like lab model to heavy-duty. These are best in dry powder mixing with the best result& at minimum budget. This mixer is designed in U shaped with 5 – 10,000 liters working capacity. We have covered whole Ahmedabad and the most part of India within a short spam time by offering customer's suitable product. We also deal with international clients with all possible customized solutions.

"ABSTER" Ribbon Blender is specially fabricated with different grade of steel like stainless steel, carbon steel & alloy steels as per industrial need. Our product is environment friendly, which required very maintenance & electric energy. Our design is available for low, medium, large & mega volume capacity to mix small to large size material. Very sharp blades are installed in this, which mixes different soft to hard material at less time.

Abster Equipment is Gujarat based, but handling hundred of national & international clients as well. All models are strictly tested at various quality parameters so that it can be operated without any special training or practice. This product is widely used in different industries like pharmaceutical, plastic, engineering, food, chemical & many more. For different industrial sector, these are available in commercial duty, standard duty, heavy duty and extra heavy-duty construction.

What is Ribbon Blender?

A wide range of Ribbon Blender manufactured by experts using cutting edge technology by Abster Equipment which is largely accepted by valuable consumer. We have our presence in Gujarat but geographically we have covered national and international market as well. Also we are provide customized solution as per client requirement.

Ribbon blender is what, we will comrade with powder mixer, evidently, that's right. Ribbon blender also calls horizontal blender in the wiki, which is churned to make ingredients fully mixed, and improve the mixing consistency. An effective powder blender, in general, it's appropriate for viscous or unified particulates, liquefied and pasty ingredients.

How Does a Ribbon Blender Work?

"ABSTER" Ribbon Blender has a new rotor structure, the least possible gap between blade and light body can be attuned to be close to zilch. It can reduce the amount of enduring materials effectively, and crush the larger materials, the inclusive configuration is more equitable, nice exterior, convenient procedure and maintenance. Ribbon Blender maintenance is an extremely vital, consistent work, it should be working meticulously with most of procedures and care etc., in accumulation, it should be conventional a full-time duty checks.

Abster Equipment offering Ribbon Blender, Which is especially invented with a dissimilar valuation of steel like stainless steel, carbon steel & alloy steels as per industrial need with different size and design. Our product is environs friendly, which required precise care & electric energy.

Features of "ABSTER" Ribbon blender :-

"ABSTER" Ribbon Blenders are available from lab model to Heavy Duty model. Ribbon Blender, useful for easy mixing powder components These are best in Wet & dry powder mixing with the best result in minimum time. High speed & hard blade.

  • Low to extra-large volume capacity.
  • Mixing Suitable to mix solid/Solid, Solid/liquid material.
  • Bearing mounted on lanterns outside of mixing container to avoid contamination.



Jacketed ribbon Blender design for a process that required heating and cooling.

Application :-

Guar Gum, Agro Chemical, Pigments, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Ayurvedic & Herbals, Detergent, Paint, Bakery & Biscuits, Food Salt & Dairy, Cosmetics, Biotechnology & etc.

Machine size & Moc Available :-

  • 5 litter to 10,000 liters Capacity
  • Drive - 1 hp to 125hp
  • MOC – SS 304, / SS 316, Or M.S.
  • Direct Gear Drive, Counter Gear for load reduction
  • Discharge Knife Edge Gate Valve / Butterfly valve.
  • Technical Specification :-

    Model Working capacity
    Capacity/ liters
    Total HP required Approx.
    ABFRB - 200 200 ltrs 300 ltrs 40-65 2 to 3   HP
    ABFRB - 300 300 ltrs 400 ltrs 40-65 3 to 5  HP
    ABFRB - 500 500 ltrs 750 ltrs 30-45 5 to 7.5  HP
    ABFRB - 1000 1000 ltrs 1500 ltrs 30-40 7.5 to 10  HP
    ABFRB - 1500 1500 ltrs 2000 ltrs 30-45 10 to 20  HP
    ABFRB - 2000 2000 ltrs 2500 ltrs 30-45 15 to 30  HP
    ABFRB - 2500 2500 ltrs 3000 ltrs 30-45 20 to 30 HP
    ABFRB - 3000 3000 ltrs 3500 ltrs 25-30 20 to 30 HP
    ABFRB - 4000 4000 LTR 5000 LTR 25-30 20 to 30 hp
    ABFRB - 5000 5000 LTR 6000 LTR 25-30 30 TO 40 HP
    ABFRB - 10000 10000 LTR 12500 LTR 20-30 40 TO 50 HP